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Office Hot Shot

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Office Hot Shot
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Office Hot Shot

Price: $2.99

Rating: 3.43/5 (7 votes)


Office Hot Shot is two applications in one!1 it is a locking application use it as a lock screen for your BlackBerry®.2 it is a fun and addictive paper toss game!Once activated, Office Hot Shot displays on your device, letting you see in a glance useful information, such as the day, date, time, unread emails, missed calls, battery level, and more! * Use as a locking app, or use just for the game, or both! * Master switch to enable/disable locking functionality. * Lock your BlackBerry on some, all, or none of the following conditions: o When your phone connects. This is useful on a touchscreen device so weird stuff doesn t happen from pressing your cheek against the screen. o When your phone disconnects. o When you holster your BlackBerry. o When you are charging your device. o After the backlight dims. o When you press the lock button only available on some devices (NOT available on 9800). o On power up. * Optional password to unlock your BlackBerry. * Optional password reminder, in case you forget your unlock password. * When locked or when playing the game, the screen displays the following information o While displaying the lock screen on a phone call, the desk phone shows the elapsed call time. o Desk calendar displays today s date, day of the week, and month. o Desk computer shows number of unread messages on the BlackBerry. o Desk clock shows time in 12 or 24 hour format. o Desk phone shows number of missed calls. o Water level in the cooler shows the battery level. o While charging, bubbles appear in the water cooler. o Press B or touch the cooler to display the remaing battery percent. o The plant gets healthier as the signal strength grows...5 bars equals…

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