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Everything Sailing Offline

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Everything Sailing Offline
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Everything Sailing Offline

Price: $14.99

Rating: 3.11/5 (9 votes)


Everything Sailing Off-line is about sailing and sailboats. Inside you'll find everything from racing, to cruising, to maintenance secrets, to navigation, to safety, and other types of information. Everything Sailing Off-line is based upon years of sailing as well as 25 years of personal experience. Included are best practices, along with techniques, options, and frequently used references. Read it for fun, read it to learn, then keep it handy as a searchable reference. It's offline so it goes wherever you go, no need to have an internet connection. When you exit or jump to another chapter, it saves your place automatically. Then when you go back to that chapter, you're taken right back to where you left off. It's easy to become fascinated by sailing and by all of the wonderful experiences it affords. With sailing, you'll never know it all so it gets to the point where you have to be comfortable with what skills you do have. Of course it goes without saying that going beyond your capabilities will be kept in check at some point in time, by either someone correcting you or with a medical mishap. Know when you don't-know and take the time to-learn, it will save you in the long run. Many experienced sailors will say that one thing that keeps them involved in sailing is the constant learning process and new experiences. I think that you'll find this true when you find yourself at a small local club after a race sitting around with other sailors talking about the principles of hydrodynamics. Sailors in general are an intellectually curious group, why else would we want to see what's over the horizon?

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